About Suica

Frontend developer, iOS development for fun, Enthusiast of technology, Big fan of Suica and JR, Irrational Zelda fans, Cat's lover.

I started coding since my high school, my friend invited me to join the Engineering Design Society of the high school. It was my first time finding something I really want to engage in. Then, I participated in holding a developer conference for teenagers with teammates of society. With a strong interest in software development, I select programming as my major at University. Many races about computer science and internships occupy my university life. In the last year, I got an internship in Lava about Android development, then, I met a mentor that deeply influence me. I started to transfer to a Frontend developer from a Java aficionado.

Then, with the acquaintance invited, I joined his company as a web developer to initiate a web meeting application. In this opportunity, I met many friends from large companies, and I cooperated with them to improve the quality of the library code I began to blog on Zhihu and Jianshu during this period, which helped me get to know more engineers from major factories. At the end of 2018, I was even invited to speak with a friend at the Developer Conference. Then, owing to my interest in the Internet of Things, I challenged and joined a well-known listed company. It took me about two months to prove myself that I deserved the senior title. Then I burned myself to push the software quality to the extreme

With controversy in Zhihu, I abandoned my followers, account, digital identity and prepared to apply for study abroad at the start of 2019. Since I have some experience in translating documents before, I did not have too many problems with my application and language learning. Then I went to the UK to achieve my master degree.

Unfortunately, I encountered a blockade soon after I came to the UK. So in my spare time, I completed the development of UKCovid in order to adjust my mood. At the end of the master's study, I combined various technologies and developed Asthma Research as my dissertation project.

After I graduated from the UoS, I joined a company in the Isle of Man and got in touch with new areas of Frontend development and got a chance to experience more about "Full Stack". It brings me some new ideas about teams, project management, software structure, design pattern, and so on.

I am not a very powerful penguin developer, but I am willing to challenge myself with new technologies and like to share my knowledge.

He stated he is currently living in London, so Suica London, a London penguin is it.

Programming Language

  • JavaScript / TypeScript : Excellent

  • Dart : Great

  • Swift : Fluent

  • Java : Fluent

  • Go : Available

  • Python : Available

Frontend and Node.js tool Project

Flutter and Dart

iOS Project


  • Hakka : Native

  • Cantonese : Native

  • Chinese (Mandarin) : Native

  • English : Fluent

  • Japanese : Available